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What's SEO for? What's in it for me?

Those questions seem silly for the experienced marketer but sure aren’t for the medium-small business owner. They are by far the two most asked to me when interviewing potential clients. And, also by far, the two hardest to explain to the uninitiated.

Why I became a food writer

I’ve written about how I became a food writer previously. In that article there’s the not-so-short story of how it dawned on me that I liked food and was knowledgeable enough to write about it, as a full-time job.

6 Things Every Freelance Writer Must Know in 2021

Freelance writing is a weird profession. It has no diploma or master you can attain in order to call yourself a writer. It’s much like an art, as a painter or sculptor, but it has no academia that can teach you to be a freelance writer.

Top Tools I Use For Freelance Writing

Professional copywriters, and freelance writers in general, have many opinions about the “best” tools to use for writing. Some swear by Word, others can’t live without Grammarly, others will never manage to write anything without checking the thesaurus every phrase (I’ve been there…).

Decoding Coffee Descriptions

Coffee descriptions have left many drinkers baffled. I bet half of consumers barely read them. Understandably. Many descriptions are either too vague (“sweet and strong”) or seem unrealistic (“lemon meringue with undertones of sandalwood”).

Why The Fountain Pen Creator?

I struggled a lot on deciding a name for this website and a sort of nickname for my career as a content writer (creator, as I prefer but more on this later).