How To Travel Solo Book


Many travellers want to explore the world, but are hesitant to travel alone. For many reasons, all worth addressing. But remaining hesitant will also mean renouncing the many benefits that by solo travelling you can enjoy. No compromises, freedom, choosing your pace, exploring your way and doing things you wouldn’t do with others, without their judgement. It is a freeing experience that should be tried at least once by any traveller, no matter the age, sex and wallet size. Whether you are planning to travel alone for the first time or are looking for ways to maximise your solo travel, this travel guide has tips and advice for both cases. I’m not only an experienced traveller, with more than 20 years of extensively travelling the globe, but also a blogger and industry-recognised expert. How To Travel Solo is a guide crafted to any type of traveller but specifically to those who are uncertain whether to try travelling alone or are unsure how to best to. This book will hopefully make you decide to try, better prepared with the experience of the author poured into this book, and become curious again to explore the world with your own personal style.

How To Travel Solo
Gianluca Fiore
Gianluca Fiore
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