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Content Writing FAQs

What are your rates?

I customize quotes based on the needs of every client. I find it is much better to have a short chat to know what you need the most and provide you thereafter a quote. I charge mostly on a per project basis.

My rates are based on the time it takes to research, create the actual content, my expertise, content marketing knowledge, editing and SEO time and the valuable marketing deliverables.

Do I get any revision(s)?

Sure. I provide included in every project a free revision that usually goes like this: I write the first copy, send it back to you and you can then check it and come back with any edits you want me to make. This is the first revision and it’s free of charge.

How do you manage your projects?

I tend to keep it as simple as possible to save both my and your time. It mostly goes like this:

  1. Planning. We can have a chat over email or any other written messaging system to outline your requirements and get the right amount of decisions done. Sometimes this step can be done by phone. I will send you a contract to sign. Once you sign it, I proceed to the next step.
  2. Researching. I will read up on everything having to do with your company and industry. If necessary, and people are available to, I can send a few questions to you directly or your team or any industry expert that I may believe has valuable and in-topic words to add. For a longer project I may write an outline with the content and send it back to you for your approval.
  3. Writing. The actual content writing phase. I’ll follow the terms we outlined in the contract, but usually you can expect a 3-7 working days for turnaround.
  4. Revisioning. Eventual revising time after the first copy is written. If it’s not required any editing, usually by this point you have your content as per contract and payments have been made.

How do payments and invoicing work?

When billing per project, 50% is due upfront and the rest upon completion. When billing per word, I’ll bill you at the end of the month for all work completed during the month.

Once we have a stable work relationship, I will invoice at the end of the month for all the work done during it.

SEO Consulting FAQs

What is search engine optimization?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings.

In short search engine optimisation or SEO means to get your business’s website onto the first results page of major search engines such as Google.

Why do I need a SEO consultant?

A consultant can help you get ranked on search engines, optimize your website to perform better, assist you with creating content, and much more. Every SEO expert and company is a little different in what they offer, how much they charge, and what results they guarantee for their clients.

As in everything in life, more expensive doesn’t equal better, but neither any $5 “seo consultants” all over the internet are. Think about how much you care about your business: is it worth enough to skimp on its success? Exactly.

What does a SEO specialist do?

A search engine optimization (SEO) specialist improves website rankings on major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The specialist ensures on-page optimization to produce relevant search results and a positive user experience, growing site traffic, lead volume and brand awareness.

That’s a lot of words for basically a large number of checks and research done on your business' website to make it perform the best. Different SEO specialists make different checks, but the overall objective is checking that your website can attract customers, the right ones, and make them return, possibly to buy your services/products.

What’s the difference between a content writer and a SEO specialist?

A content writer creates content for your website, social media accounts, newsletters and what not. It is simply a writer that can deliver well written textual content.

A SEO specialist doesn’t contribute with any content but can give you suggestions on how to optimize what you already have in order to rank it better on search engines. It is an advisor, not a creator.

Sometimes, given that the two disciplines are strictly interconnected when writing content for the internet, the 2 figures merge into one. I am one that can deliver content that is engaging and accurate, with an eye for SEO too. Having a background in both areas means that I can write content that is already sound SEO-wise and needs little to no optimization later.

I just want a content writer!

Fine. Contact me anytime and I will be glad to help you grow your content and brand.

What about a SEO consult? How does it work?

Usually it is a process that takes a few days, but it can take many weeks. Depending on how advanced your website is, I can give you advice on how to start optimizing for better ranking or you may require me to have a complete, deep analysis of it. The latter requires more time and I’ll need access to a few more tools.

At the end, I’ll share with you a report telling you what is not optimized, what can be improved and eventual errors that are preventing your business to rank better and reach more potential customers.

Don’t worry if it sounds complicated. It is complicated for me so it shouldn’t be for you.

I’m available for any questions you may have, free of charge of course. Write to me anytime and I’ll be happy to explain in more detail what a SEO consult entails.

I don’t have enough money for this

Often the first and most common reason given by business owners who are resistant to developing an online presence, “I don’t have enough money” can be quite relevant, especially when they consider that business is hurting for the owner at the moment.

I do understand your concern. But again, think about how much you care about your business: isn’t it worth spending a few more bucks to see it reach its potential? Whether you need a content writer or a SEO consultant, it’s a one off investment that will repay you in the long term. By ranking better, either because you have better, more interesting to customers content or because you have optimized your website to rank higher, you’ll naturally receive more visits, which in turn can turn into real customers.

The most important take here is: spend a bit more today and watch your business grow tomorrow. You don’t need to spend every day/week/month to increase your possible customers. It is like putting your money into an investment fund that gives you nothing today but can return you a lot in a few months' time.

Besides, I’m always open to discuss discounts for small businesses that need to grow. There’s no reason to be shy about your budget.

I still don’t understand how SEO will work for me

One of the major reasons why some business owners are reluctant to develop an effective SEO strategy for their business is they just don’t understand how it all works.

How does someone find their website online? How can they increase their rankings on Google? How do they outrank their competitors for keywords that they’re targeting?

For people who aren’t tech savvy, the thought of having an SEO strategy implemented for their business can be pretty daunting.

As the business owner, you should be focused on running the business, while you leave the “tech” and “web” stuff to a professional. I do believe in focusing on what one does best, and if you’re not exactly a tech mind, nor a creative writer, it’s only natural to let somebody else taking care of this part of your business.

I might do it all by myself, why do I need to hire you?

Well, of course you could start writing all your content, researching keywords to rank on Google, learn how to format it, how to insert the right HTML tag and metadata, what is trending right now, how your customers behave on your website, why a page gets many hits instead of another, check HTTP errors, fix wrong redirects and many, many more other checks I normally do.

Surely you can learn to do this in a few months' time. But that would mean detracting time from running your business, developing your products or services and actually caring for your customers. It will take an insane amount of time.

Is it worth only to save a small percentage of your funds?

If it were, do you think big companies wouldn’t do it themselves instead of hiring content writers and SEO consultants here and there?